This page summarizes the topics discussed at recent meetings of the Committee on Publication Policy.

Fall 2016 Meeting (Honolulu):

  • Proposed revisions to appeals and resubmission policies.
  • Page count estimates and related problems with avoidance of page charges.
  • AIPP presentation on open access (OA) and various publication models: Consensus is that OA substantially boosts article downloads, but impact on citations is a relatively small increase at best.
  • AIPP has been working on the migration to the new Scitation platform for the past 8 months. The new platform will go live in mid-December.
  • POMA publication charges for co-sponsored meetings.

Spring 2017 Meeting (Boston):

  • AIPP provided a presentation on their zero-cite analysis and marketing initiatives. (About 20% of JASA articles receive no citations. If these articles were removed, the JASA impact factor would be 1.916.)
  • Updates provided on POMA, JASA EL, and Acoustics Today.
  • Transition to the new Scitation platform.
  • Impact on JASA of emerging U.S. government policies on access to public research.
  • Creation of new PP web page.

Fall 2017 Meeting (New Orleans):

  • PP web page has been upgraded to include ASA member suggestions for meeting topics.
  • JASA performance metrics and public relations activities.
  • Self-plagiarism and manuscript similarity checker.
  • Conflicts of interest with AEs/reviewers

Spring 2018 Meeting (Minneapolis):